Catherine - Founder and Managing Director

​​“I founded Vikapu Bomba with the aim of providing rural women with economic opportunity and control over their financial well being through provision of a sustainable source of income. I believe that when women work together and support one another, great things happen.

So what I’m most proud of, is to be able to share this vision in my personal and professional life, to help women regain their sense of pride and self-worth and to empower them to rise above their challenges. And seen this happening is the greatest achievement for me.”

  • Richard

    Director of Production and Logistics

    “Vikapu Bomba is God’s plan. Everyone in this world is called to serve a purpose.”

  • Anitha

    Community Outreach and Quality Assurance Manager

    “Working with Vikapu Bomba rural women, in their communities everyday to bridge the social-economic gap, it self is fulfilling. I have witnessed impact and growth in these women and it inspires me to keep going every day”.

  • Rachel

    Sales and Inventory Manager

    “Am thrilled to work with Vikapu Bomba, a rewarding and enriching experience, equipping me as a young person with skills, knowledge and a sense of purpose for my community”.

  • Paul

    Production Technician

    “Amazed and impressed by the quality of Vikapu Bomba rural women artisans baskets, every time I go through them for quality assurance before packaging them. I am inspired by the work of their hands.”

  • Pendo

    Office attendant

    "Every basket I arrange on the shelf tells a story of the hands that weaved it with love and the heart that cherished it. It's amazing to work everyday with the beauty of Iringa traditions"

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