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handwoven laundry basket Iringa Vikapu Bomba
handwoven tote bag Iringa basket Vikapu Bomba
Iringa Baskets from Vikapu Bomba
Handwoven Tote Bag
Handwoven Tote Bags
Handwoven Iringa Baskets
Handwoven Laundry Basket

Vikapu Bomba VIDEO


"I use my treasured, handmade basket every day. It has withstood rain, wind and heavy contents for over a year and is still as good as new. More importantly, it is heartening to know that in buying the basket, I have, in a small way supported a great cause. I particularly liked the attached label with a description of life for the Mama who made it.”

Sarah Stoddart, England (Customer)

Vikapu Bomba means fantastic baskets

produced by women artisans from Iringa in the southern Tanzanian highlands

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