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Starting with an initial group of six women artisans, we now work with over 60 artisans. Our handwoven Iringa baskets and bags are currently sold in over 30 high-end shops in Tanzania, Japan, the UK and the US.


Among the most important impacts of Vikapu Bomba is that weaving incomes are constant and reliable. This is in stark contrast to artisans’ previous subsistence farming livelihoods which were seasonal and dependent on climatic conditions.

Vikapu Bomba woman artisan - Iringa
Vikapu Bomba artisans with Iringa Baskets

More specifically, Vikapu Bomba incomes enable artisans to send their children to better schools and cover medical bills. Many artisans regularly deposit parts of their weaving income in local savings groups. This allows them to have money available when they need it to pay for school fees, medical costs or emergencies.  Several artisans were able to purchase solar panels for charging household appliances and phones and to have light at night. A number of artisans even reinvested their weaving income into small-scale agricultural businesses as a secondary source of income.

Impact handwoven iringa baskets tote bags

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